Weight loss hypnotherapy in Tunbridge Wells

Losing weight is a struggle for so many people. Often the clients at my Tunbridge Wells clinic have spent years using various diets to lose weight, only to find that any weight loss is a temporary joy, soon to be replaced by the pounds piling back on.

To make weight loss a permanent change, you need to identify the emotional barriers which are hampering your weight loss. Cognitive hypnotherapy will gently change the ingrained behaviours, habits and beliefs which are stopping you achieve the permanent results you desire.

As a result you will develop a much healthier relationship with food and exercise, enabling you to make weight loss lifestyle changes with ease.

Do you need to lose weight?

One way to answer this is to check your Body Mass Index (BMI), for example using this NHS calculator, to assess your weight. If you are overweight then there is a clear medical imperative to lose weight, for example to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and serious illnesses such as heart disease.

However, even if you are not overweight by this measure, it doesn’t mean that you’re happy with your body. Many people who are of a healthy weight still want to lose a little excess fat, to feel more self-confident.

Whatever your situation, cognitive hypnotherapy can support you in achieving your goals.

What is stopping you losing weight?

Many people turn to pills or fad diets to lose weight. These can be very effective for a couple of weeks but, inevitably, the weight loss is reversed just as quickly. Often the restrictions of diets can lead you to binge eat as soon as the diet's over, so you swing from one extreme to another. This isn't healthy for you physically or mentally.

Cognitive hypnotherapy takes a step back from the extreme of yo-yo dieting to assess why it is that you are unable to lose weight. I will work with you to understand what behaviours are stopping you taking control. For example these could be comfort eating, a lack of exercise and/or poor food choices.

We will then work together to identify the unconscious thought patterns which are leading to this behaviour. Taking the emotion out of these counterproductive patterns will help you gain the confidence and self-esteem you need to make permanent lifestyle changes and achieve your target weight.

The cognitive hypnotherapy process

There are no swinging pocket watches involved in cognitive hypnotherapy! The treatment combines modern psychological and neuroscientific techniques and uses the natural state of hypnosis which you often go into by yourself – for example if you're daydreaming or absorbed in a book and don’t notice the time going by.

At no point do you lose control. You won’t be asleep or unconscious, you will be fully aware of what is happening. I simply help you achieve a relaxed state so we can explore your emotions and put a different perspective onto your problems. It's a completely collaborative process and you will remain in control throughout.

You'll usually feel a lot calmer after one session, and in just a few treatments you’ll start to take more control of your lifestyle choices and achieve the weight loss you desire. It isn’t a 'quick fix', cognitive hypnotherapy is about making permanent lifestyle changes to help you gradually reach, and then maintain, your desired weight.

How well the treatment works will partly depend on your openness to the techniques and willingness to make positive changes. But at the very least you will go away with a much greater awareness of your relationship with food and exercise – a toolkit to enable you to make the changes you want in your life.

Ready to take a step towards permanent weight loss?

Your first consultation is free of charge and will enable us to discuss what you’d like to achieve and plan a way forward.

My clinic is in Tunbridge Wells, on the Kent and East Sussex border, within easy reach of Tonbridge, Crowborough, Heathfield and Uckfield.

To book your free consultation please call Hilary on 07735 508 361 or email me at

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