How to lose weight without dieting

Updated: May 12

I always thought that if I exercised regularly I could eat what I wanted to without putting on any weight. Why then did my weight still creep up (albeit slowly) and my clothes started to feel uncomfortably tight? I don’t believe in diets, they only work temporarily, as soon as you start eating normally, the weight goes straight back on and more so as your body starts to store food as fat in case you starve it again! This is why the dieting companies and clubs make so much money, people go back to them when they put the weight back on. If they worked, they would be out of business by now as all their clients would be thin and not need to return to their weight loss clubs. I digress!

What is the secret then?

I read an article about how much sugar we consume unknowingly! Sugar is added to so many everyday foods such as bread, sauces, cereals, low fat yogurts, energy drinks and even spicy crisps! My sugar consumption was why my weight was steadily increasing and adding inches to my waistline! I was now on a mission to discover which products in my weekly shop, contained sugar! At the supermarket, I rejected any such products with a such a declaration of disgust that onlookers may have thought the product I was examining, contained poison! In my mind it did! Looking at the added ingredients can be confusing as some may say ‘fructose. corn syrup or sucrose’. These additives are all sugars and are broken down to form glucose and stored. Fructose is not returned to the blood stream like glucose and can be stored in the liver as fatty acids. Basically, your body turns sugar to fat.

Low Fat Diets

We have all been led to believe that we can lose weight on a low fat diet. Science has now proven that ‘fat’ is not the cause of weight gain or heart disease. Fat does not make you fat - Sugar does! I also learnt that sugar can alter your metabolism and brain chemistry. Regular sugar consumption can interfere with the hormones that are released to make you feel full. It explains why some people do not get the contented or full feeling and find they are continually looking for more and more sweet things to eat.

Does fruit contain sugar?

Yes fruit contains fructose, which is not good for you, but if you eat the whole fruit, the fibre in the flesh and skin line your intestine, forming a barrier so that the fructose passes into the blood stream more slowly and the liver has time to process more of it. Fruit juices and smoothies should be kept to a minimum or avoided if you are looking to lose weight.

Eating healthy fats

Healthy fats are now a huge part of my diet and are essential for a source of good cholesterol. Eating good cholesterol has the added benefits of making your skin glow and appear more youthful! Instead of reaching for the odd biscuit to snack on, try eating a handful of nuts. Nuts are nutritious, full of healthy fats and will fill you up until the next mealtime. I try to keep my meals healthy, with lots of green vegetables and don’t shy away from cooking with cream, butter or cheese and I don’t go hungry!

What about my sugar craving?

The great news is - that as soon as you have control of your sugar intake, you won’t feel hungry, you will feel fuller and satisfied after meals and wont have a sugar craving. Having control means that you will be aware of the sugar you are eating, if you decide to treat yourself, go ahead. You will really notice the sweetness and you find you only need to eat a small amount to satisfy your appetite.

Can hypnotherapy help with my sugar craving?

If you think you might need help on giving up sugar or losing weight, hypnotherapy can really help re-program your mind to make healthier choices.

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