Testimonials for Hilary Crundwell - Cognitive Hypnotherapist

"... Been trying to get some feedback from my Kids, but I will write what I observed, and what has been generally discussed. My younger Son said it was helpful, and I observed that he benefited from talking about the history of his life and recognising what he can choose to let go off and what he feels formed by. He always felt very reflective and open after his sessions with you, and he has challenged himself to participate in activities far more than he did before. For instance this year in cadet week for sailing he raced every race even though he is far too big to go in the boat , the previous year he never got in a boat in that week for a race. He is struggling internally with the desire to succeed and achieve the things he may have considered since the treatments and actually being able to manifest them."

"My Daughter had sparkly eyes after the first session and felt much lighter and more optimistic. She benefited from talking about the things that she has kept to herself. She  appeared more able to organise and move forward on the things she had to achieve. She was always keen to come back and talk further, and she appreciated your manner and welcoming persona, you were not the hippy type of person who she may have visited for other therapies in the past, you demonstrated a more orthodox and mainstream approach which she liked. Overall benefited a lot from her treatment."

Mother from East Sussex

"How can I describe My experience with Hilary? It was great. The treatment she gave me helped me with my anxiety and I've changed my life routine after a few sessions. I just want to say thank you for understanding my issues and helping me. Highly recommend."

Business Travel Executive, Kent

'Hilary helped me to get through a difficult dentistry procedure. A couple of sessions with her along with an excellent pre-recorded calm message helped me to get over my fear and get through the procedure.  Hilary is a very knowledgeable, patient and calm therapist, just being in her presence helps and I would highly recommend her to any future client!'  

Credit Controller. Kent